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Julia Gall

Julia is a writer and fashion stylist based in New England. She has previously held positions at Marie Claire and Interview magazine, primarily covering accessories, fine jewelry, and watches. She is increasingly interested in discovering the ways in which the fashion industry can work toward a more sustainable future.

Julia Gall's Articles

Two collectors weighing their plastics. (Courtesy First Mile)

A Not-For-Profit Reimagines Recycling and Supply Chains to Profound Effect

With the climate crisis a chief concern of worldly citizens, Fortune 500 corporations, the United Nations, and even the U.S. Department of Defense alike, a “made from recycled water bottles” origin story has practically become ubiquitous. Now more than ever shoppers in particular strive to pat themselves on the back for their “more responsible” consumer choices, and it’s easy to say that supply-chain transparency is “so hot” right now. Greenwashing is rampant. The not-for-profit organization First Mile, though, doesn’t see recycled bottles as a marketing ploy; they see them as a tool for empowering consumers to demand more from brands, just as these brands are trying to meet the demands for exactly these kinds of products. But with that urgency, it’s also necessary to ensure the coveted recycled materials are ethically sourced.

A photograph from the series “Eyes as Big as Plates” by Riitta Ikonen and Karoline Hjorth. (Photo: Sinikka. Courtesy the artists)

In London, an Exhibition Seeks to Deepen Our Understanding of Interspecies Connection

Think about the last time you felt a sense of awe about the world. Perhaps you were hiking among trees in a lush forest, standing at the foot of a snowcapped mountain, or diving among innumerable fish in the sea. Part of the awe such environments inspire stems from the realization that humans are merely a part of the world’s extraordinary ecosystems—and that maintaining them, in the midst of headline-grabbing wildfires, droughts, and floods, has never been more important.