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Slowdown Media LLC – registered office at P.O. Box 1952 New York, NY 10113


From March 31, 2023 to April 21, 2023.


Natural persons over 18 years of age who are subscribed to the newsletter "The Slowdown" (hereinafter the Newsletter). The promoter reserves the right to ask Participants, at any time, for proof of subscription to the Newsletter or to independently acquire such proof, and if no proof is provided or the promoter is unable to independently acquire such proof, the participant will be excluded.


The Promoter will publicise the initiative through online channels (e.g. social, e-mail, etc.) as well as through the website The advertising messages will, in all cases, be consistent with these regulations. The complete regulations will be available on the website


The Participant registered for the Newsletter shall proceed to book a visit to the exhibition, located in Milan, via Tortona n. 31 at OTTO SRL (hereinafter referred to as the Exhibition).

The Participant must therefore enter the Exhibition within thirty minutes from the time envisaged in the booking, under penalty of exclusion from the initiative.

The Participant will then be assigned a number that they will draw from a container on-site. Only one number will be drawn for each Participant without the possibility of changing the same or repeating the draw.

The object corresponding to the number drawn (hereinafter the Prize) will then be identified and the Participant may either

  • accept the Prize, thus becoming its owner;
  • refuse the Prize, losing any claim or right to the same.

No other alternative is granted to the Participant who, under no circumstances, may request the modification or replacement of the Prize.

If the Prize is refused, the relevant number will be placed back in the container from which it was drawn and the Prize will remain available for subsequent draws.

Each Participant will be photographed by the Promoter with the Prize (or without in case of refusal of the Prize) and briefly interviewed as to why they took or left the Prize. A selection of these images and stories will eventually be published on the website and Instagram profile


The Prizes will comprise hundreds of objects and items collected or designed by Paola Navone. These objects and items have been sold to the Newsletter for the lottery, with one each to be distributed to each Participant.


The correspondence and truthfulness of the data provided when taking part in this initiative are essential conditions for participation.

Each Participant may only register once using real data, which must correspond to that indicated on his/her identity document: any multiple registrations attributable to the same individual (using different e-mail addresses, for example) will invalidate participation in the initiative. At any time the Promoter verifies non-compliance with this condition, the Participant will be excluded from participation in the initiative and will lose the possibility of receiving and collecting any prizes won. This check may also take place after participation and in any case before the prize is delivered.

Prizes won through the use of software or temporary or non-existent e-mails or judged in any case suspicious, fraudulent or in violation of the rules of these regulations, if identified or deemed to be such with the means and knowledge available to the initiative manager will be cancelled.

Participants who, in the unquestionable judgement of the Promoter or of third parties appointed by the same to manage the initiative, are found to be winners by means and instruments capable of eluding randomness, or in any case judged to be suspicious, fraudulent, or in violation of the normal course of the initiative, will be excluded from participation in the initiative and will lose the possibility of receiving and collecting any prizes won.

The Promoter, or the companies appointed by the same, reserve the right to proceed, in the terms deemed most appropriate, and in compliance with the laws in force, to limit and inhibit any initiative aimed at circumventing the system devised.

All communications relating to participation in the initiative will be sent to the email address entered in the registration form.

The Promoter assumes no responsibility for technical problems of any kind that may prevent a participant from accessing the internet for the purposes of participating in the initiative (by way of example only: malfunction or difficulty with technical equipment, computer, telephone line, cables, electronics, software and hardware, transmission and connection, internet connection).

The Promoter accepts no liability in relation to the Participant for whom:

  • the mailbox is full;
  • the e-mail address given in the form is incorrect or incomplete;
  • there is no reply from the recipient host after the e-mail has been sent;
  • the mailbox is disabled;
  • the e-mail address indicated in the form is blacklisted;
  • the telephone number corresponding to the indicated telephone number is deactivated.

The Promoter accepts no liability for lost or damaged applications and/or messages received during online transmission, received after the time limit or with incorrect data.

The Participant may not contest the prize awarded, nor claim the corresponding value in cash.

The Participant, who has accepted the Prize, waives any claims relating to possible flaws, defects, or unsuitability for use of the Prizes. As these are goods of no economic value, antique or discontinued items or prototypes never placed on the market, the Promoter does not guarantee that the Prizes will work or that they are free from defects or faults.

By participating in the initiative, Participants agree as of now to cede to the Promoter, free of charge, the rights to the use of their image and the authorisation to use it in the forms and contexts necessary for the Promoter as well as for any content and marketing material related to this “Take It or Leave It” initiative.

The Promoter reserves the right to modify, even partially and at any time, the terms and conditions of participation in the initiative, giving adequate notice to the addressees, without introducing any detrimental changes and safeguarding the rights already acquired by the participants.

Participation in this initiative is free of charge except for the ordinary costs of subscribing to the newsletter, telephony/connection, which depend on the configuration of the device used and the connection contract signed by the participant.

Registration and participation in this initiative imply the participant's knowledge and implicit acceptance of these regulations in every part and without reservation.


Participants' personal data will be collected in compliance with Legislative Decree 196/2003 and European Regulation No. 679/2016. The Participants, for the purposes of this initiative, must read the Promoter's Privacy Policy when registering for the Newsletter, the acceptance of which is implicit with the participation itself. The Promoter, as Data Controller will process the data necessary for the sole purposes of this initiative. Any further purposes of processing personal data, not included in these Rules, must necessarily be approved in writing by the Participant.