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Lesley Lokko Positions Africa as a Laboratory for Harnessing the Vast Possibilities of the Future
Should Museums Prioritize Emotional Wellness Activities? The Rubin Museum of Art Thinks So.
Dally Goods’s Aromatic Hand Washes Are Designed to Help You Unwind
Danish Design Firm HAY Heralds Its 20th Anniversary With a Superb, Highly Tactile Book
Eliminate Odors With These Bamboo Charcoal–Filled Linen Bags
The Secret to a Better Night's Sleep? Alarm Clocks
Skillfully Handcrafted Chairs, Designed with Toddlers in Mind
These Public Toilets in Tokyo Promote Good Design and Inclusivity
These Scent Diffusers Enhance a Room in More Ways Than One
Get Your Home Gym (and Yourself) Into Shape With These Solutions
Toilet-Paper Holders, Reimagined as Works of Art
With Art and Altruism, an Exhibition Explores the Strength and Beauty of Interconnection
Artist Michael Pinsky’s Climate-Action Plan: “Pollution Pods”
Cartier’s Newest High Jewelry Collection Was Crafted to Stimulate the Senses
Gohar World’s Handmade Tableware Makes for Satisfyingly Surreal Meals
In “Social Works,” Antwaun Sargent Explores the Connections Between Space and Black Social Practice
Be Your Own Masseuse With These Handcrafted Massage Tools
A Multi-Venue Exhibition in Ghana Seeks to Shift Perspectives Through the Lens of Time
Vitsoe’s In-House Chef Will Leigh on Keeping the Company Fed in a Pandemic
Alexandra Lange on Mall Nostalgia, Romance Novels, and Twitch
Vietnamese-American Stylist Beverly Nguyen Pays Tribute to Her Family and Friends With a New Pop-Up Shop
A Brooklyn Studio Whose Creations Alter Our Perspectives on Time
The Story Behind Lewis Miller’s Unforgettable #FlowerFlash Installations
A Bold Bulgari Collection Pays Tribute to Gems, Women, and Artistry
Cartier’s First Solar-Powered Watch Features Straps Made From Food Scraps
A Renaissance of Artful Puzzle-Making
What the Fashion Industry Can Learn From Biology
A Smartphone Alternative We Can Totally Get Behind
Why Human Composting Is the Future of Death Care
Jewelry Designer Monique Péan Creates a Feat of Meteoric Proportions, Literally
How Kilomet109 Is Preserving Vietnam's Rich Fashion and Textile Heritage
An Expressive Jewelry Line That Celebrates the Devices Worn by Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People
Design Miami’s Curatorial Director Sees Art Fairs as Powerful Platforms for Cultural Exchange
The Obscure Familiarity of Eric Oglander’s Found-Object Sculptures
The Ambient Sounds of Your Office, Simulated by a Cheeky Website
Chen Chen and Kai Williams on Playing With Food
This Elegant Glass Speaker Magnifies Sounds From Your Smartphone
Meet the Graphic Designer Who Maps Cities by Their Scents
Nakagawa Mokkougei Makes the World’s Most Exquisite Buckets
The Crinkled Paper Lanterns of Bradley Bowers, a Magician of Materials
These Elegant, Easy-to-Customize Note Cards Add an Artful Touch to Letter Writing
Google’s First Retail Space Is Simultaneously Tranquil and Teched-Out
Robert Stadler Has a “Playdate” With Philip Johnson at His Glass House
These Earthenware Vessels by Omar Sosa Invite Improvisation and Play
Streamlined Watches Designed to Slow Down Time
Stefan Sagmeister’s Playlist of David Bryne Cover Songs
In Brooklyn, a Creative Campus Designed to Slow Artists and Visitors Down
How Tom van Puyvelde Transformed a Berlin Bathhouse Into an Office Rooted in History and Place
Fish Scales and Lunar Dust May Hold the Key to Building on the Moon
An Offbeat Exhibition in Madrid Puts the Focus on Curators
The Enduring Relevance of Kintsugi, the Japanese Art of Repairing Broken Ceramics
Spencer Bailey on Memorials, Abstraction, and the Act of Unforgetting
The Fascinating, Often Shameful History of U.S. Voting Ballot Design
Stylist Kate Young on Her All-Time Favorite Awards Season Dresses
Three Perfume Brands Transforming Trash into Sweet-Smelling Treasures
How to Design A Wine Label, According to Apartamento Magazine’s Omar Sosa
The Prolific, Genre-Defying Output of Luca Nichetto
Janne Saario Subtly Integrates Skate Parks Into Landscapes and Cities
Vintage Loudspeakers, Restored and Transformed Into Aural Works of Art
MoMA Curator Paola Antonelli on Pandemics and Protests
The Colorful History of the Eliot Noyes House, Explained by Abby Bangser
 “The New Era” Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Prefers to Consume Media the Old-Fashioned Way
Makgeolli Gets a Hip Millennial Update
Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance’s New Lisbon Studio Celebrates Portugese Craft
Meet Ri Serax, the Australian Jewelry Designer Who Makes Outrageous Gold Grills
Two Millennial Jewelers Practicing the Ancient Art of Goldsmithing
How East Fork Is Using Its Coveted Pottery to Promote Equality
 This Sound System Revolutionizes How We Listen to Live Music
How to Break the Cycle of a Throwaway Society
Protect Your Hearing With These Otherworldly Earplugs
Kvadrat’s First New York Showroom Is an Elegant Homage to the Square
In Detroit, a Six-Day Hermès Exhibition Celebrates Craft and Community
Pairing Champagne and Ice Cream, Stephanie Goto Masterminds an Extraordinary Omakase
An Exhibition Posits How Design Can Be a Steward of Nature and the Future
Sight Unseen’s Jill Singer on Why She Doesn’t Actually Consume That Much Design Content
Stüssy and Tekla’s New Capsule Collection Offers Pared-Down Pieces for Surf and Sleep
Marlène Huissoud Crafts a Provocative Chair for Insects
Yolande Batteau’s Latest Body of Work Reflects a Passionate Personal Investigation of Materials and Self
Beautify Your Cacti With These Custom Planters
Lego’s Pleasing New “White Noise” Playlist Evokes Childlike Wonder
Amy Auscherman on Rare Books, Celebrity Gossip, and Isamu Noguchi
How a Finnish Furniture Company Explores the Potential of Pine
In Minnesota, a Denim-Repair Shop Celebrates Wear and Tear
MASS Design Group’s Model for Building a More Just Society Through Architecture
In London, a Big Bouquet of Horns Brings People Together Through Sound
The Artist Plate Project’s Limited-Edition Dishes Serve Homeless New Yorkers
Introducing Our New Podcast About the Future of Work
This Radio Connects Listeners to a World of Fresh Foreign Sounds
How Design Can Reframe Ocean Plastic as a Resource, Not Waste
How This Antwerp Designer Uses Cork to Create Meditative Spaces of Silence
Pleated Clothing Designed to Grow With Your Kid
This New Book Highlights Spaces Made to Engage the Senses
A New Bauhaus Museum Worthy of Its Lineage
The New Book “Designers Against Coronavirus” Is a Powerhouse of Positivity
A Book About Joints Celebrates the Big Ideas Behind Tiny Details
Why Mood Boards Are Key to Developing Personal Style
For Rebecca van Bergen, Craft Is a Means to Change the World
A Beautiful Bare-Bones Radio, Designed by an Architect Who Strove for Simplicity
Devon Turnbull on Building His Cultish Handcrafted Speakers
A New Immersive Exhibition Brings Interiors From the Book Goodnight Moon to Life
Willo Perron’s Debut Furniture Show Makes the Case for a “No Coasters” Design Movement
How Two Italian Designers Who Never Met Created an Iconic Floor Lamp
Alcova 2022 Presents Designs That Look Inward, Outward, and Beyond
Nature’s Functional Forms, Billions of Years in the Making
Designer Jonathan Olivares’s All-Time Favorite Skateboarding Soundtrack
How the Pandemic Has Altered the Way We View Everyday Objects
Hinoki Is the World’s Absolutely Best-Smelling Wood
The Analog, MoMA-Approved Rowing Machine Giving Us a Full-Body Workout
The Brooklyn Baker Modeling Cakes on Her Rock Collection
For Designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, the Cone Is “Perfect Geometry”
Industrial Facility’s Pared-Down Home Accessories Are Happy to Be Handled
Glenn Adamson’s New Book Explains How Skilled Makers Made America
These Wood Boxes Hold Centuries of Japanese Culture and Craftsmanship
This Car Diffuser Transforms Any Road Trip Into an Opulent Olfactory Experience
Teenage Engineering’s OB-4 Speaker Redefines Radio as We Know It
These Headphones Create Superior Sound and a Quiet Mind
How Artist and Designer María Elena Pombo Is Sowing Seeds for Change
New York Inmates and the Ladd Brothers Want You to Think About Prison
Ditch Your Loofah for This Exfoliating Shower Towel From Japan
Bjarke Ingels on Creating Extraordinary Environments for Today and Tomorrow
These Radical Textiles Grew Out of Focused, Open-Minded Attention
This Soundscape Brings an Age-Old Model of Communal Living to Life
The Noguchi Museum’s Ginormous Online Archive, at Your Fingertips
Michel Rojkind on Rhythm, Drumming, and How Music Influences His Design Practice
With His First Clothing Line, Stefan Sagmeister Visualizes Positive Global Trends
Julian Watts Heeds the Call of the Wild
This Olfactory Design Studio in Berlin Makes Scents That Stimulate the Soul
Make Restaurant-Quality Pies at Home With These Portable Pizza Ovens
In Wisconsin, an Exhibition of Analog Art Shaped by Digital Themes
Jasper Morrison’s Latest Seats for Emeco Radiate a Warm, Tactile Presence
The Stealthy World of Olfactory Branding, Explained by Olivia Jezler
Twenty Years On, Yves Béhar’s Designs Still Challenge the Status Quo
In Vietnam, Võ Trọng Nghĩa Merges Nature and Architecture
Make Space on Your Counter for Ghetto Gastro’s New Kitchenware Line
Ini Archibong Creates a Traveling Monument Devoted to the African Diaspora
With Darning, Celia Pym Brings the Stories of Clothes to Life
The Art of Gift Wrapping, Japanese-Style
Bjarke Ingels’s Miniature Wooden Panda for Architectmade
Home Furnishings That Rethink the Future of Plastic Bottles
As Art Basel Turns 20, Miami Art Week Enters a New, Slightly Less Hyped-Up Dawn
This Mexican Fragrance Brand Borrows Its Notes From Local Vegetation
With Jasper Morrison at Its Creative Helm, Japanese Furniture Company Koyori Makes Splendid Seats
David Chipperfield Sets a New Stage for Mies van der Rohe’s Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin
How Stylist Kate Young Picks the Perfect Premiere Dress
This Alarm Clock Helps You Fall Asleep
Goodee’s Ethically Made Objects Make a Positive Impact on People and the Planet
How Serendipity Helps Omer Arbel Materialize the Unseen
A Brooklyn Wellness Brand That Harnesses the Power of Good Design
An Elegantly Imperfect Table Lamp, Translated From Cardboard to Clay
Jonah Takagi on Media as the Place Where the Practical Meets the Personal
Nike Imagines the World 50 Years From Now
Milan Design Week 2022 Preview: Salone del Mobile Is Back, But Not (Yet) in Full Force
These Knitted Kinetic Lights Take Playtime Seriously
In Aspen, an Exhibition Meditates on “Mountain Time”
DADA Daily Makes Healthy Snacking Incredibly Appetizing
Four Do-Not-Miss Highlights at This Year’s Design Miami Fair
Japanese Designer Naoto Fukasawa’s New Stool Collection Raises the Bar of Sustainability
In Miami, an Amsterdam Studio Builds a Pared-Down Portal to Japan’s Serene Birch Forests
Editor and Publisher Kai Brach’s Inspiringly Minimalist Media Intake
These Dyes Made by Bacteria Could Transform the Fashion Industry