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48 articles related to Europe

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Aromatic Face Oils, Made by Regenerative Farms in France
Vitsoe’s In-House Chef Will Leigh on Keeping the Company Fed in a Pandemic
A Lab in Copenhagen Looks at How Sound Explains the World
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An Energy Summit in the Netherlands Imagines a Solar-Powered Future
Renowned Perfumer Jean-Marc Chaillan’s Patchouli Obsession
Why Roses Are Synonymous With Love
A New Book Explores How, Via X-Rays, Banned Albums Made It Into the Cold War–Era U.S.S.R.
For a Tiffany & Co. Pop-Up in Paris, OMA Designs a Literal Jewelry Box
London’s First Vegan Butcher Shop Sells “Meats” That Rival the Real Thing
Take a Vacation With These Soaps
Dr. Katelynn Robinson Unpacks the Role of Odors in the Middle Ages
This Luxury Skincare “Miracle Broth” Is the Result of Sonochemistry
According to This French Historian, “Bad” Odors Are Learned, Not Inherent
In Rural Germany, a Six-Century-Long Performance of a John Cage Organ Composition Is Underway
These Scented Strips of Paper From France Are the Ultimate Deodorizers
Slip Into These Slippers While You’re Quarantined at Home
An Offbeat Exhibition in Madrid Puts the Focus on Curators
 A Sonic Journey Inspired by the Expansive Landscapes of the Nordic Region
How Mushrooms Have Proliferated as a Material for Art-Making
How Grasse, France, Went From a Smelly City to the Perfume Capital of the World
The Prolific, Genre-Defying Output of Luca Nichetto
How a Parisian Jewelry School Has Opened Up Access to a Rarefied World
Laura Baldassari’s Opera Playlist Is Exactly What We’re Craving Right Now
Marlène Huissoud Crafts a Provocative Chair for Insects
Damien Hirst Presents an Evocative Forest of Cherry Blossoms at Paris’s Fondation Cartier
How a Finnish Furniture Company Explores the Potential of Pine
Lonneke Gordijn of Studio Drift’s Favorite Perfume
A “Grower Champagne” Brand Sources Its Wines From Independent Vineyards That Opt for Flavor Over Flash
At Germany’s Vitra Design Museum, an Exhibition Considers the Promises and Problems of Plastic
At Portugal’s Serralves Museum, Mushrooms Are Works of Art
A New Bauhaus Museum Worthy of Its Lineage
Daniel Libeskind’s “Classical Studies” Playlist
Vincent Van Duysen on the Complex Character of Winery Valke Vleug’s First Vintages
Made from Grapes Grown on an Active Volcano, These Wines Smack of Liquid Stone
In Milan, a New Cartier Flagship Celebrates the City’s Opera
Alcova 2022 Presents Designs That Look Inward, Outward, and Beyond
What Makes a Great Vintage, According to Wine-Industry Veteran Aymeric de Gironde
A Digital Art Museum for the Time of Covid-19
A New Perfume Translates the Greek Island of Corfu Through Kumquat
Parisian Fragrance Boutique Nose Offers an “Olfactory Diagnosis”
A Renowned British Composer Explains Four Legendary Christmas Songs
Olafur Elaisson’s Latest Exhibition Offers a Hopeful Vision of the Future
Røros Tweed’s Intricately Crafted, Beautifully Designed Throw Blankets
Ini Archibong Creates a Traveling Monument Devoted to the African Diaspora
Milan Design Week 2022 Preview: Salone del Mobile Is Back, But Not (Yet) in Full Force
Five Trendsetters on Their Most Anticipated 2023 Travel Destinations