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22 stories related to Flowers

Hundreds of flowers spill out of a phone booth on on New York City street corner.
The Story Behind Lewis Miller’s Unforgettable #FlowerFlash Installations
3 minute read
Moya Andrews. (Courtesy Indiana Public Media)
An Enchanting Short-Form Podcast That Gets to the Root of Gardening
3 minute read
Thyme Bar’s Trumpet of Death cocktail. (Courtesy Thyme Bar)
At Manhattan’s Thyme Bar, Cocktails Channel an Enchanted Forest
4 minute read
A bright white and orange bowl of soup on a marble surface.
This New Manhattan Restaurant Makes Flowers the Focal Point
2 minute read
Courtesy Acqua di Parma
A New Magnolia-Scented Fragrance Invites the Promise of Springtime Year-Round
3 minute read
A single red rose on a white background.
Why Roses Are Synonymous With Love
5 minute read
A bouquet of flowers floating in outer space above planet Earth
The Japanese Artist Who Launched Flowers Into Outer Space
2 minute read
Marc J. Gian's book Aromatherapy: Essential Oils and the Power of Scent for Healing, Relaxation, and Vitality
How to Use Essential Oils to Improve Your Mind, Body, and Mood
2 minute read
A flower flash by Lewis Miller
Lewis Miller’s Flower Flashes Offer Wonder and Delight
2 minute read
A grid of multicolored flowers on a black block.
The Scentless Eternal Flowers Made by Japanese Artist Makoto Azuma
2 minute read
Courtesy Lara Call Gastinger
Botanical Artist Lara Call Gastinger on Seeing Scents
7 minute read
Pink and purple flowers in a window display.
How to Pick a Potent Flower Arrangement
2 minute read
A dew-covered white and pink rose.
Author and Curator Peter Kukielski on the Wonders of Roses in Bloom
4 minute read
Photo: Naomi McColloch. (Courtesy Chronicle Books)
A Practical Guide to Making Food With Flowers
3 minute read
Akebia flowers at the Hortus Arboretum and Botanical Gardens (left) and co-founders Allyson Levy and Scott Serrano (right). (Courtesy Chelsea Green Publishing)
From Their 21-Acre New York Estate, a Botanist Couple Propagates Plants and Gardening Know-How
4 minute read
Courtesy Thames & Hudson
A Photographic Compendium Highlights the Unspoken Power of Flowers
4 minute read
Perfumer Yann Vasnier
Yann Vasnier on the Fragrance World’s Renewed Interest in the Outdoors
4 minute read
A wild looking bouquet of orange flowers on a blue background.
Entriken’s Katherine Carothers on Creating Beautiful Flower Arrangements at Home
3 minute read
Kristen Griffith-VanderYacht laughing while holding a large bouquet.
The Therapeutic Power of Flowers
4 minute read
Florae exhibition in Paris
These Photographs Bring Van Cleef & Arpels’s Floral Jewelry Into Full Bloom
2 minute read
Typology's Organic Rosehip Botanical Oil
The Wonders of Rosehip Oil, a Time-Honored Elixir for Skin
3 minute read
White and red flowers with green leaves on a solid black background.
Horticulturist Ken Druse on Exploring the World of Botanical Fragrance
2 minute read