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114 articles related to Health and Wellness

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A New Study Unpacks How the Brain Encodes Information About Odors
How Embracing Other Senses Can Help Those Struggling With Smell Loss
A Fashion Designer Transforms Deadstock Textiles and Upcycled Sleeping Bags Into Wearable Life-Saving Shelters
The Psychological Impact of Sirens
The App That Everyone Is Going to Be Using During the Covid-19 Quarantine
The Three Best E-Bikes on the Market
A Smartphone Alternative We Can Totally Get Behind
Why You Need to Know About Anosmia
Fall Asleep to the Ambient White Noise of Nature, Captured From Sites Around the World
London’s First Vegan Butcher Shop Sells “Meats” That Rival the Real Thing
We’ll Be Tuning Into This Tuning Meditation
Calm Your Nerves With This Free-to-Download Quarantine Coloring Book
That Tasty Treat You Ate Yesterday? Thank Your Sense of Smell
This Luxury Skincare “Miracle Broth” Is the Result of Sonochemistry
Chef Mina Stone’s Healthy Olive Oil Obsession
The Bizarre, Calming Effects of Listening to Animals Eat
Vuslat Doğan Sabancı Imagines a Better, Brighter World Full of “Generous Listening”
The Health Benefits of Mushrooms, Infused Into Fruit-Flavored Gummies
An Epic Lullaby by Max Richter, Rearranged in a Meditation App
Pillow Mists, an Aromatherapeutic Cure for Sleepless Nights
This Digital Tool Kit Reveals How Art Benefits Our Brains
In the Bronx, a Shop for Everyday Essentials Operating Under a Zero-Waste Ethos
How a California Entrepreneur Is Profoundly Fixing Food Waste
Mumgry Makes Nutritious and Delicious Nut Butters With Moms in Mind
Fix Your Bad Breath With These Minty Solutions
Songs for Practicing Sound Healing at Home
Artist-Baker Lexie Smith on the Beauty, Craft, and Politics of Bread
The Songs Inside a Hip-Hop Meditation Teacher’s Head
A Sound Project That Recreates the Sonic Landscape of the Womb
The Profundity of Superheroes, Comedy, and Jazzercise, According to Danielle Friedman
Michele Promaulayko on Controlling Your Sugar Cravings Through Smell
Break a Sweat to Supernatural, a Home Gym With a VR Twist
Understanding the Sensations of the Skin
Dacher Keltner on Why We All Need Daily Doses of Awe
Dr. Gary Deng on Aligning Mind and Body Through Food, Traditional Medicine, and Self-Care
At the Cheval Blanc Paris, a Dior Spa Offers a Multisensory Oasis for Body and Mind
Simple Sets for Carving Out Daily Moments of Calm
The Cleansing Craze Around Palo Santo
For Black Communities, These Gardens Double as Sites of Healing
The Best All-Natural Deodorants on the Market
Why Turmeric Is Everywhere Right Now
How This Antwerp Designer Uses Cork to Create Meditative Spaces of Silence
Nod Off With This Podcast Made to Put You to Sleep
For Leonard Koren, Taking a Japanese Bath is the “Ultimate Experience”
This New App Puts Sex Therapy Within Reach for All
The Science Behind The Nue Co.’s Stress-Relieving Fragrances
A Cult-Favorite Body Oil, Made From California Olives
The Healing Power of Plants, According to an Herbalist
Britt Wray on How to Stay Invigorated and Accountable in the Face of the Climate Crisis
How Social Distancing and Quarantine May Be Changing the Makeup of Your Body Odors
Pumpkin May Be the Ultimate Aphrodisiac
A Fermented Drink That’s Good for Your Body, Inside and Out
To Achieve a Mind-Expanding State Without Taking Psychedelics, Try Breathwork
Experience Japanese Hot Springs From the Comfort of Your Bathtub
This Incubator Is Helping Black- and Latinx-Owned Brands Break Into the Beauty Industry
A Digital Art Museum for the Time of Covid-19
Hinoki Is the World’s Absolutely Best-Smelling Wood
A Podcast Creates Community for People Coping With Smell Loss
Dram Apothecary’s Calming CBD Solution
The Analog, MoMA-Approved Rowing Machine Giving Us a Full-Body Workout
Sound Therapist Sara Auster’s “Deep Listening” Playlist
The Therapeutic Power of Flowers
Why Hugs Are Good for Your Health
This Brooklyn Fermented Tea Brand Brews by Its Own Rules
Aishwarya Iyer Wants to Change the Way You Think About Olive Oil
Saunders & Long’s Ingenious 5-in-1 Grooming Solution
The Neuroscience-Based Fragrance Brand Pairing Scent With Soundscapes to Create Calm
Ditch Your Loofah for This Exfoliating Shower Towel From Japan
Why Peppermint Is Nature’s Best Insect Repellent
Snow Shimazu’s Air Beautiful Is the Ultimate Jet-Lag Cure
Achieve Full-Body Tranquility with These CBD Bath Salts and Bath Bombs
A Low-Maintenance Home Garden for the Botanically Challenged
Plant-Based Extracts to Fend Off Mosquitoes This Summer
This Public Audio Installation Helps Listeners Take the Long View on Life
The Cleansing Detox We’ll Be Starting the Year Off With
These Masks Bring New Meaning to “Facial Expressions”
Body, Mind, and Soul: Dr. Bessel van der Kolk’s Virtual Trauma Conference
Whetstone Magazine Co-Founder and “Origin Forager” Stephen Satterfield on Food, Culture, and Identity
The World of Gua Sha Facial Massages
This Olfactory Design Studio in Berlin Makes Scents That Stimulate the Soul
A Protein Powder Made From Insects, an Underestimated Superfood
These Coffee Alternatives Offer a Better Way to Add Some Pep to Your Step
This Cheekily Named Toilet Paper Brand Truly Gives a Crap
The Surprising Health Benefits of the Spices in Your Cupboard
Why You Need to Try a Japanese Sake Bath Soak
What’s Behind Carmex’s Polarizing Medicinal Scent
These A.I.-Generated Songs Raise Awareness About Mental Health in the Music Industry
Traditional Self-Care Alternatives, According to Some of the World’s Healthiest Cultures
These Virtual Exhibitions Draw on the Real-Life Health Benefits of Art
The Wonders of Rosehip Oil, a Time-Honored Elixir for Skin
This Alarm Clock Helps You Fall Asleep
Goodee’s Ethically Made Objects Make a Positive Impact on People and the Planet
A Brooklyn Wellness Brand That Harnesses the Power of Good Design
Integrative Nutritionist Daphne Javitch on the Importance of Making Space for Yourself
How to Eat Your Way to a Stronger Immune System
Journalist and Filmmaker Saleem Reshamwala Shares Who and What He’s Following Now
Awapuhi, a Cousin of the Ginger Plant, Is Nature’s Shampoo
DADA Daily Makes Healthy Snacking Incredibly Appetizing
An Original Soundtrack for the Intersection of Hallucinogens and Mental Health
Why Tongue Scraping Could Put an End to Bad Breath