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Drummer Billy Martin’s Covid-19 Quarantine Playlist
Songs from the Big Easy, Recorded by Top Musicians Across Generations
Steinway Brings Live Recitals to Your Living Room, Piano and All
An Album of Cover Songs Honors the Legacy of Leonard Cohen
MIDI 2.0 Expands the Digital Music-Making Toolbox
Photay’s Motivational Playlist for 2020
The History of Vintage Recording Gear, Written by an All-Knowing Industry Veteran
Sara Auster’s Sound Baths Are a Tonic for Our Tumultuous Times
The Eerie, Dreamlike Piano Melodies Behind An Yu’s Latest Novel
Jónsi of Sigur Rós Expands His Range With a Solo Exhibition in L.A.
Jesse Carmichael of Maroon 5’s Valentine’s Day Playlist
The Avian-Toned Tracks That Helped Spur a Birdsong Initiative
Three Things to Catch at Harlem’s Apollo Theater This Fall
A Commemoration of AACM’s Legacy in Experimental Jazz
A New Ice Cream Truck Jingle, Created by Wu-Tang Clan Rapper RZA
How Spanish Culture and Color Informed the Styling and Art Direction of Selena Gomez’s New “Revelación” Album
Stories of Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated People, Reflected in a Soul-Stirring Album
A New Book Explores How, Via X-Rays, Banned Albums Made It Into the Cold War–Era U.S.S.R.
This Los Angeles Folk Duo’s New Single Was Inspired by an Episode of Our Time Sensitive Podcast
Nicolás Jaar Launches a Grant Program to Uplift Emerging Electronic Musicians
A Resonant Sound Performance, Created Using Children’s Toy Instruments
We’ll Be Tuning Into This Tuning Meditation
The Words and Music Author Julia Cooke Is Escaping Through Right Now
The Relaxing Playlist Caius Pawson Is Listening to Right Now
In Rural Germany, a Six-Century-Long Performance of a John Cage Organ Composition Is Underway
David Bowie’s Music as a Navigational Portal to Our Inner Worlds
Fashion Designer Phillip Lim’s Chill Out Playlist
An Epic Lullaby by Max Richter, Rearranged in a Meditation App
Montana’s Tippet Rise Art Center Goes on Tour With a Four-Day Virtual Classical Music Festival
Stefan Sagmeister’s Playlist of David Bryne Cover Songs
Dave Chappelle’s New Podcast
This Digital Tool Kit Reveals How Art Benefits Our Brains
The Music Keith Abrahamsson Turns to for Sonic Respite
The Emotional Ecstasy of Playing the French Horn
This Digital Archive Will Teach You About Black Music History
 A Sonic Journey Inspired by the Expansive Landscapes of the Nordic Region
Medeski Martin & Wood Offers Lessons for Making Music, and Living Life
A User-Friendly Device That Creates Ambient Music With Plants
Songs for Practicing Sound Healing at Home
A Soul-Nourishing Album for Your Plants
Psychoacoustics Expert Dr. Susan Rogers on How Musicians Hear
How Everyday Sounds Shape Our Brains
The Songs Inside a Hip-Hop Meditation Teacher’s Head
How Technology, Politics, and Perception Transformed the Role of Music in Black Life
A Studio 54 Playlist by Brooklyn Museum Curator Matthew Yakobosky
A Sound Project That Recreates the Sonic Landscape of the Womb
Guitarist and Audio Engineer Pat McCusker’s “Active Listening” Playlist
A Musician Who Immortalizes Luminaries Through Songs on His Podcast
 This Sound System Revolutionizes How We Listen to Live Music
Laura Baldassari’s Opera Playlist Is Exactly What We’re Craving Right Now
For Hanif Abdurraqib, Language Is an Instrument
Fifty Writers on the Albums That Changed Their Lives
Amy Helm’s Traveling Curbside Pickup Band Brings Live Music to Your Doorstep
Devon Turnbull’s D.I.Y. Speaker-Making Kits Are the Ultimate Home Audio Solution
With EarthPercent, Brian Eno Helps the Music Industry Address the Climate Crisis
In Detroit, McArthur Binion and Henry Threadgill Salute Their Decades-Long Friendship Through Song
This Radio Connects Listeners to a World of Fresh Foreign Sounds
Daniel Libeskind’s “Classical Studies” Playlist
Song and Art at a Synagogue Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
Devon Turnbull on Building His Cultish Handcrafted Speakers
A New Book Gets to the Heart of Kendrick Lamar’s Sonic Rise
The Poetry of Building the Perfect Sound System
Designer Jonathan Olivares’s All-Time Favorite Skateboarding Soundtrack
This Perfume Brand Makes Scents That Evoke Los Angeles’s Rich Music History
Sound Therapist Sara Auster’s “Deep Listening” Playlist
What the Internet Sounds Like: A Playlist
How Leonard Cohen Sought Out Spiritual Truth Through His Songs
Why Aliens Could Be Able to Listen to NASA’s Golden Record—Even If They Don’t Have Ears
The Multicity Festival Spotlighting Female Voices from the SWANA Region
Teenage Engineering’s OB-4 Speaker Redefines Radio as We Know It
These Headphones Create Superior Sound and a Quiet Mind
Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti Restaurant Serves Pasta With the Special Savor of Leftovers
In Tokyo, Devon Turnbull’s Custom Audio System Delivers More Than Superlative Sound
Tokyobike’s Refreshingly Eclectic Listening Party
A Renowned British Composer Explains Four Legendary Christmas Songs
Hi-Fi Audio Design: An Expert’s Exceptional Primer
Jazz Critic and Historian Ted Gioia’s “Subversive Songs” Playlist
Michel Rojkind on Rhythm, Drumming, and How Music Influences His Design Practice
Avoid Algorithms With the Incredibly Refreshing Radiooooo
Elliott H. Powell Traces the History of Black Musicians Engaging with South Asian Culture and Sounds
Peter Adjaye’s Emotive Soundscapes Immerse Listeners in the Past and Present
Ambient Church Gives Electronic Music a Surreal, Spiritual Home
How a Master Organist is Making the Archaic Instrument Cool Again
José Parlá’s Cuban Summer Playlist
A Playlist That Conjures the Ferocity and Flair of Detroit
A&R Rep Kolby Turnher’s “Scam Rap” Playlist
Unexpected Cover Songs, Performed by a Who’s Who of American Heritage Artists
Sound Is at the Core of Musician-Turned-Ceramicist Kansai Noguchi’s Vases and Vessels
A New Nashville Museum Traces 400 Years of Black Music
These A.I.-Generated Songs Raise Awareness About Mental Health in the Music Industry
Architect and Broadway Set Designer David Rockwell Shares His Favorite Show Tunes
For Jermaine Stone, Wine and Hip-Hop Make a Perfect Pair
Symphonic Masterpieces in Better-Than-Ever Fidelity, Mixed by a German D.J.
These Compact Analog Instruments Pack a Punch
ArtReview’s Podcast Collages Audio Out of Artists’ Life and Work
This Chicago Music Label Is on a Mission to Unearth Lost Sounds
An Original Soundtrack for the Intersection of Hallucinogens and Mental Health