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31 stories related to Playlists

Billy Martin standing before a bright, white light, looking into the camera.
Drummer Billy Martin’s Covid-19 Quarantine Playlist
3 minute read
Photay in a black and white photograph taken in the woods, in front of a small lake.
Photay’s Motivational Playlist for 2020
2 minute read
An Yu. (Courtesy Grove Atlantic)
The Eerie, Dreamlike Piano Melodies Behind An Yu’s Latest Novel
6 minute read
A red human heart on a black background.
Jesse Carmichael of Maroon 5’s Valentine’s Day Playlist
3 minute read
Cover of the For the Birds project by the National Audubon Society
The Avian-Toned Tracks That Helped Spur a Birdsong Initiative
8 minute read
Caius Pawson in glasses with disheveled hair.
The Relaxing Playlist Caius Pawson Is Listening to Right Now
2 minute read
David Bowie shooting a video for the song “Rebel Rebel” in 1974. (Photo: AVRO)
David Bowie’s Music as a Navigational Portal to Our Inner Worlds
4 minute read
Fashion designer Phillip Lim in profile, in a suit, in a black and white photograph.
Fashion Designer Phillip Lim’s Chill Out Playlist
2 minute read
Stefan Sagmeister looking straight into the camera.
Stefan Sagmeister’s Playlist of David Bryne Cover Songs
2 minute read
Keith Abramsson in sunglasses, walking through the desert.
The Music Keith Abrahamsson Turns to for Sonic Respite
2 minute read
Courtesy Yale University Press
A Sonic Journey Inspired by the Expansive Landscapes of the Nordic Region
13 minute read
Toni Blackman laughing on a yellow brick background.
The Songs Inside a Hip-Hop Meditation Teacher’s Head
2 minute read
A photo of a model in a glittering dress, from inside Studio 54.
A Studio 54 Playlist by Brooklyn Museum Curator Matthew Yakobosky
2 minute read
Pat McCusker looking off and to the left.
Guitarist and Audio Engineer Pat McCusker’s “Active Listening” Playlist
2 minute read
Laura Baldassari on a red background, singing.
Laura Baldassari’s Opera Playlist Is Exactly What We’re Craving Right Now
3 minute read
Long Players book by Tom Gatti
Fifty Writers on the Albums That Changed Their Lives
7 minute read
Daniel Libeskind in a black suit in front of a red wall, sitting on a geometric seat.
Daniel Libeskind’s “Classical Studies” Playlist
2 minute read
Yoga teacher Eddie Stern during his punk years.
The Punk Music That Put Eddie Stern on a Spiritual Path
3 minute read
Jonathan Olivares sitting on a daybed in his library, reading a large art book.
Designer Jonathan Olivares’s All-Time Favorite Skateboarding Soundtrack
7 minute read
Sara Auster sounding four singing bowls as several people lay on their backs around her.
Sound Therapist Sara Auster’s “Deep Listening” Playlist
4 minute read
The cover of the book Hearing the Cloud.
What the Internet Sounds Like: A Playlist
3 minute read
Singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen
How Leonard Cohen Sought Out Spiritual Truth Through His Songs
2 minute read
Ted Gioia in front of a large window.
Jazz Critic and Historian Ted Gioia’s “Subversive Songs” Playlist
3 minute read
Michel Rojkind smiling and facing to the left, with a blurry background of the New York City skyline.
Michel Rojkind on Rhythm, Drumming, and How Music Influences His Design Practice
2 minute read
Author and scholar Elliott H. Powell with a red scarf in front of a mural.
Elliott H. Powell Traces the History of Black Musicians Engaging with South Asian Culture and Sounds
2 minute read
Peter Adjaye wearing headphones and a fedora, on a light blue background.
Peter Adjaye’s Emotive Soundscapes Immerse Listeners in the Past and Present
4 minute read
Jose Parla in a bright blue jacket and glasses, painting two canvases.
José Parlá’s Cuban Summer Playlist
3 minute read
Cover of Aretha Franklin’s “Amazing Grace” album
A Playlist That Conjures the Ferocity and Flair of Detroit
15 minute read
A digital collage featuring scam rap stars, financial app logos, and piles of bitcoin tokens and U.S. dollars.
A&R Rep Kolby Turnher’s “Scam Rap” Playlist
3 minute read
David Rockwell standing in an amphitheater.
Architect and Broadway Set Designer David Rockwell Shares His Favorite Show Tunes
7 minute read
Jermaine Stone. (Photo: Headmake Book)
For Jermaine Stone, Wine and Hip-Hop Make a Perfect Pair
8 minute read