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69 articles related to Sound

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The Psychological Impact of Sirens
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The Bizarre, Calming Effects of Listening to Animals Eat
Marco Fusinato’s Ear-Piercing Endurance Performance at the Venice Biennale
Vuslat Doğan Sabancı Imagines a Better, Brighter World Full of “Generous Listening”
A User-Friendly Device That Creates Ambient Music With Plants
Songs for Practicing Sound Healing at Home
Psychoacoustics Expert Dr. Susan Rogers on How Musicians Hear
How Everyday Sounds Shape Our Brains
Vintage Loudspeakers, Restored and Transformed Into Aural Works of Art
How Technology, Politics, and Perception Transformed the Role of Music in Black Life
Gordon Hempton’s Incredible Campaign for Quiet
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 This Sound System Revolutionizes How We Listen to Live Music
Protect Your Hearing With These Otherworldly Earplugs
Devon Turnbull’s D.I.Y. Speaker-Making Kits Are the Ultimate Home Audio Solution
Lego’s Pleasing New “White Noise” Playlist Evokes Childlike Wonder
In London, a Big Bouquet of Horns Brings People Together Through Sound
In Detroit, McArthur Binion and Henry Threadgill Salute Their Decades-Long Friendship Through Song
Derrick Adams’s Evocative “Beauty Works” Series
By Listening to the Ocean, Jana Winderen Exposes the Vital Role of Sound in Aquatic Life
Song and Art at a Synagogue Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
A Beautiful Bare-Bones Radio, Designed by an Architect Who Strove for Simplicity
Devon Turnbull on Building His Cultish Handcrafted Speakers
This Open-Source Library Captures the Magic of the Forest Through Sound
The Magic and Miracle of the Human Voice
The Poetry of Building the Perfect Sound System
Sound Therapist Sara Auster’s “Deep Listening” Playlist
What the Internet Sounds Like: A Playlist
Why Aliens Could Be Able to Listen to NASA’s Golden Record—Even If They Don’t Have Ears
Teenage Engineering’s OB-4 Speaker Redefines Radio as We Know It
These Headphones Create Superior Sound and a Quiet Mind
In Tokyo, Devon Turnbull’s Custom Audio System Delivers More Than Superlative Sound
Tokyobike’s Refreshingly Eclectic Listening Party
A Lisson Gallery Exhibition Contemplates the True Meaning of Sculpture
A Renowned British Composer Explains Four Legendary Christmas Songs
Hi-Fi Audio Design: An Expert’s Exceptional Primer
This Public Audio Installation Helps Listeners Take the Long View on Life
Elliott H. Powell Traces the History of Black Musicians Engaging with South Asian Culture and Sounds
Peter Adjaye’s Emotive Soundscapes Immerse Listeners in the Past and Present
Ambient Church Gives Electronic Music a Surreal, Spiritual Home
Rashid Johnson Wants You to Speak Your Mind
This Discreet Speaker Combines Mood-Enhancing Lighting With Superior Sound
Emergence Magazine Is at the Top of Our Reading List
Sound Is at the Core of Musician-Turned-Ceramicist Kansai Noguchi’s Vases and Vessels
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In the Age of “Anthropause,” Scientists Are Studying a Seismic Hush