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55 articles related to Technology

A Philip Johnson House, Transformed Into a Community Hub for the Future
The Boundless Benefits of a Bidet
For a More Flavorful Cup of Coffee, Upgrade to This Grinder
This New App Gives Readers a Place to Convene and Connect
A New Study Unpacks How the Brain Encodes Information About Odors
Designer Lydia Cambron Makes a Quarantine Version of the Finale of “2001: A Space Odyssey”
A Lab in Copenhagen Looks at How Sound Explains the World
A Brooklyn Studio Whose Creations Alter Our Perspectives on Time
An Unsettling Sound Installation Blasts Cold, Hard Facts Into Downtown San Jose
The Ambient Sounds of Your Office, Simulated by a Cheeky Website
Ford’s New Mach-Eau Cologne Delivers the Scent of Gasoline to E.V. Drivers
PJ Vogt’s Crypto Island Podcast Explores the Wild Wild World of Digital Currency
Real-Time Radio and Street Sounds Bring These Virtual Driving Tours to Life
Google’s First Retail Space Is Simultaneously Tranquil and Teched-Out
Streamlined Watches Designed to Slow Down Time
An Epic Lullaby by Max Richter, Rearranged in a Meditation App
This London Studio Draws on Smell-O-Vision as a Tool for Promoting Social and Environmental Advocacy
This Digital Tool Kit Reveals How Art Benefits Our Brains
In Venice, “CodeX” Offers an Optimistic Take on the Future of Art and Technology
A User-Friendly Device That Creates Ambient Music With Plants
How the Too Good to Go App Aids in the Fight Against Food Waste
From an Indestructible Puffer to 100-Year Pants, Vollebak Makes Clothes for the Future
Protect Your Hearing With These Otherworldly Earplugs
The Dark Side of Social Media, Explained by the People Who Created Itπ
An Exhibition Ponders Technology’s Grip on Human “Reality”
The Media That Helps Azeem Azhar Make Sense of Complexity
At Germany’s Vitra Design Museum, an Exhibition Considers the Promises and Problems of Plastic
This New Online Forum Lets Anyone Air Their Anxieties About the Climate Crisis
Nod Off With This Podcast Made to Put You to Sleep
Pleated Clothing Designed to Grow With Your Kid
This Documentary Follows a Start-Up Taking Animals Out of Meat Production
This New App Puts Sex Therapy Within Reach for All
A New Biography Looks Back on Stewart Brand’s Planetary Impact
A Beautiful Bare-Bones Radio, Designed by an Architect Who Strove for Simplicity
How Two Italian Designers Who Never Met Created an Iconic Floor Lamp
Smallhold’s Mushroom Minifarms Give New Meaning to the Term “Local Food”
The Seductive Appeal of Handmade Woodworking Tools
A Digital Space Tracker That Prompts Users to Look Up
A Website That Lets You Enjoy Rooms With a View
In Her New Book, a Comedienne Explains the Mansplainers of the World
Why Aliens Could Be Able to Listen to NASA’s Golden Record—Even If They Don’t Have Ears
These Headphones Create Superior Sound and a Quiet Mind
The Real-Life Benefits of Augmenting the Metaverse With Scents
This Sculpture Wants to Know How the Future Makes You Feel
Glenn Adamson on “Material Intelligence” and Why It Matters
Find Black-Owned Restaurants Near You With the Eat Okra App
A Carbon-Negative Perfume That Evokes the Earth’s Natural Elements
Marina Koren on Rethinking the “Overview Effect”
In Wisconsin, an Exhibition of Analog Art Shaped by Digital Themes
This “Digital Nose” Could Help Your Fridge Detect Spoiled Food
What Will the Metaverse Smell Like?
This Discreet Speaker Combines Mood-Enhancing Lighting With Superior Sound
A Start-Up Is Monitoring Space Junk to Enable a More Sustainable Space Economy
Symphonic Masterpieces in Better-Than-Ever Fidelity, Mixed by a German D.J.
These Knitted Kinetic Lights Take Playtime Seriously