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77 articles related to The Future

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A Carbon-Negative Vodka Straight Out of a Sci-Fi Storyline
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Hannah Lewis on the Burgeoning “Mini-Forest Revolution”
Artist Michael Pinsky’s Climate-Action Plan: “Pollution Pods”
An Electronic Musician’s Quest to Reimagine Hospital Soundscapes
Rem Koolhaas Brings the Country to the City With a Guggenheim Show
A Multi-Venue Exhibition in Ghana Seeks to Shift Perspectives Through the Lens of Time
Designer Lydia Cambron Makes a Quarantine Version of the Finale of “2001: A Space Odyssey”
A Brooklyn Studio Whose Creations Alter Our Perspectives on Time
Cecilia Bembibre Is On a Mission to Save the Scents of History
An Energy Summit in the Netherlands Imagines a Solar-Powered Future
The App That Everyone Is Going to Be Using During the Covid-19 Quarantine
The Three Best E-Bikes on the Market
A Smartphone Alternative We Can Totally Get Behind
Why Human Composting Is the Future of Death Care
MSCHF Highlights the Absurdities of Modern Consumerism—and Makes Money Doing It
PJ Vogt’s Crypto Island Podcast Explores the Wild Wild World of Digital Currency
Our New At a Distance Podcast Takes a Good Look at the Big Picture
This London Studio Draws on Smell-O-Vision as a Tool for Promoting Social and Environmental Advocacy
Plot an Edible Home Garden With This Automated, Open-Source Bot
A Podcast Covering the Vanguards of the Sustainable Food Movement
Fish Scales and Lunar Dust May Hold the Key to Building on the Moon
Fix Your Bad Breath With These Minty Solutions
In Venice, “CodeX” Offers an Optimistic Take on the Future of Art and Technology
MoMA Curator Paola Antonelli on Pandemics and Protests
How the Too Good to Go App Aids in the Fight Against Food Waste
This App Will Help Get Your Green Thumb Going
Lidewij Edelkoort Starts Up a New Master’s Program in Sustainable Textile Production
From an Indestructible Puffer to 100-Year Pants, Vollebak Makes Clothes for the Future
Meet NASA’s “Nasalnaut”
How to Break the Cycle of a Throwaway Society
Break a Sweat to Supernatural, a Home Gym With a VR Twist
An Exhibition Posits How Design Can Be a Steward of Nature and the Future
Neri Oxman’s “Material Ecology” Gets the MoMA Spotlight
Environmental Journalist Tatiana Schlossberg Shares Her Media Diet
Using Ancient Craftsmanship, Angel Chang Designs Clothes for the Future
NASA’s “Eau de Space” Fragrance Recreates the Smell of Outer Space
These Climate Podcasts Focus on Stories, Not Statistics
Introducing Our New Podcast About the Future of Work
Pleated Clothing Designed to Grow With Your Kid
This Documentary Follows a Start-Up Taking Animals Out of Meat Production
Beatrice Galilee’s New Architecture Conference Takes a Whole-Earth Perspective
A Waterproof, Washable Bag That’s Actually Environmentally Friendly
This Video Footage of the Thwaites Glacier Shows the Sea Levels Rising Before Our Very Eyes
How the Pandemic Has Altered the Way We View Everyday Objects
At a Library in Oslo, the Books Can’t Be Read Until 2114
Why Aliens Could Be Able to Listen to NASA’s Golden Record—Even If They Don’t Have Ears
Saunders & Long’s Ingenious 5-in-1 Grooming Solution
At the Armory Show, an Exhibition Where Artists Share Visions of the Future
Black Mountain College Is About to Come to a Screen Near You
The Real-Life Benefits of Augmenting the Metaverse With Scents
This Sculpture Wants to Know How the Future Makes You Feel
Bjarke Ingels on Creating Extraordinary Environments for Today and Tomorrow
Miguel Gonzalez, AKA Davocadoguy, on the Perfect Avocado
A Low-Maintenance Home Garden for the Botanically Challenged
Olafur Elaisson’s Latest Exhibition Offers a Hopeful Vision of the Future
Avoid Algorithms With the Incredibly Refreshing Radiooooo
With His First Clothing Line, Stefan Sagmeister Visualizes Positive Global Trends
These Masks Bring New Meaning to “Facial Expressions”
What We’re Reading on the Internet Archive
Marina Koren on Rethinking the “Overview Effect”
What Will the Metaverse Smell Like?
Environmental Anthropologist and “Feasting Wild” Author Gina Rae La Cerva’s Media Diet
Angela Glover Blackwell’s Great, Galvanizing Podcast
Introducing The Slowdown’s First Book, “At a Distance: 100 Visionaries at Home in a Pandemic”
These Virtual Exhibitions Draw on the Real-Life Health Benefits of Art
Lawyer-Turned-Photographer Cindy Trinh on Documenting New York City Protests
A Start-Up Is Monitoring Space Junk to Enable a More Sustainable Space Economy
These Compact Analog Instruments Pack a Punch
Entomologist Dr. Brian Fisher on Why Edible Insects are Good for Your Health
Nike Imagines the World 50 Years From Now
These Knitted Kinetic Lights Take Playtime Seriously