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The Slowdown
A solar-powered mezcal wheel at Casa Silencio. (Courtesy Casa Silencio)

In Mexico, you might hear the popular saying, “Para todo mal, mezcal, y para todo bien, también,” which suggests that no matter what life brings your way, whether good or bad, mezcal is the remedy to reach for. Mezcal espadín, made from a common agave species with sword-shaped leaves; tobalá, made from a sweet, wild agave that grows in high-altitude canyons; and madrecuixe, made from a rare, finely textured species of the plant. The potent drink is a nationwide Mexican staple and offers significant insight into the country’s roots, with some reci

A Smallhold minifarm installed at a Whole Foods in Brooklyn. (Photo: Deirdre Lewis)

In 2017, Andrew Carter and Adam DeMartino retrofitted a shipping container on a farm in Brooklyn and began growing mushrSmallhold. They cultivated multiple varieties—sculptural shiitakes, royal trumpets, yellow oysters, and more—in a substrate made

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Cheese may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering Japan’s rich culinary traditions—but as Malory LanJapan Cheese Co., tells us, it’s part of a growing artisanal movement among regional producers who are finding ways to create experiment

A small wheel of cheese dusted with green matcha, next to a matcha spoon.

As “matcha,” “bao,” and “red bean” become increasingly familiar parts of the American food lexicon, books on how to makeMooncakes and Milk Bread: Sweet and Savory Recipes Inspired by Chinese Bakeries (Harper Horizon), a detailed guide for preparing a wide range of treats that’s enhanced with profiles of exceptional Ch

Chinese buns from Mooncakes and Milk Bread cookbook

After some 100,000 miles traveled, 250 pizzerias visited, and 12,000 individual pies created at a food lab in Bellevue, Modernist Pizza (The Cooking Lab), out this week, a comprehensive three-volume opus dedicated to one of the world’s most beloved foods.

Modernist Pizza book

For self-proclaimed “fermentation fetishist” Sandor Ellix Katz, fermentation is a subversive act. The age-old process—whSandor Katz’s Fermentation Journeys: Recipes, Techniques, and Traditions from Around the World (Chelsea Green Publishing), out next month. “Like any other manifestation of culture, fermentation practices must be use

Fermentation expert Sandor Katz