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The Slowdown
Chef Jennifer McLagan

Jennifer McLagan’s award-winning cookbooks celebrate ingredients that many Western cultures reject or ignore. They include Bones: Recipes, History, and Lore (2005), Odd Bits: How to Cook the Rest of the Animal (2011), and Blood (2019). Far from a marketing stunt, each compendium reflects a topic that McLagan, who grew up in the suburbs of Melbou

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First came the sourdough craze; next, homemade cheese. Ricotta, to be specific. Since pandemic times, home cooking has ta recent episode of At a Distance. “For me, it was so wild how far away we had come from that, as a species—the fact that most people don’t know how to htry this recipe), requiring only two ingredients: milk and lemon. Add a bit of patience, which is something we could all stand to pract

Ricotta on a carving board with a cheese grater and two pieces of okra.

Evidence abounds for the accelerated aging effects of the past two pandemic-filled years. Recently, however, I caught myself identifyingTroop gummies—bright, fruity drops made from mushroom extracts—I’ll admit to craving more than the suggested one-a-day dose.

Troop gummies. (Photo: Abbey Pickett Studios)

In 1972, the new headquarters for Johnson Publishing Company debuted in the pages of Ebony magazine. Its interior was replete with the design trends of the new decade: a color palette of orange, brown, and yellEbony test kitchen, a groovy, all-electric room that was then considered one of the most modern in the United States. The kitEbony published in its monthly issues, which not only highlighted dishes that their readers should try at home, but also cele

The Ebony test kitchen. (Photo: Francis Dzikowski. Courtesy the Museum of Food and Drink.)

What makes a cake a cake? Is it its stately, cylindrical shape? Its spongy texture? Its sugary contents? Whatever preconYip Studio, wants to uproot them. She specializes in naturalistic, rock-shaped cakes that, on first glance, could easily be mistak

Cake by Yip Studio