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The Slowdown
Lodi’s braided “Farro Piccolo” loaf. (Courtesy Lodi)

Inspired by the unrushed pleasures of Milanese cafè culture, Uruguayan-born chef Ignacio Mattos opened the restaurant, bLodi last September at New York City’s Rockefeller Center. There, head baker and pastry chef Louis Volle, who kneaded his way

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Clunky and often noisesome, coffee grinders typically fall into the category of countertop appliances that most of us stKey, a new streamlined version by Weber Workshops—a maker of well-crafted kitchen tools that was founded by Douglas Weber,

Weber Workshops Key Coffee Grinder

Last March, pastry chef Lauren Tran was furloughed from her job at New York City’s Gramercy Tavern—just four months afteBánh by Lauren, a line of traditional Vietnamese desserts, enhanced with her epicurean flair, that she sold in boxes at pop-ups aroundbánh da lợn layer cakes, crunchy fried sesame balls, and tropical fruit macarons, her not-too-sweet take on the classic French cook

Bánh bò nướng, a green pandan honeycomb rice cake

Anyone who’s ever let leftovers languish in the back of the fridge might not be surprised to learn that a whopping thirdToo Good To Go app aims to change that by allowing users to order a “surprise bag” of excess fare from a local restaurant, café, baker

Paper bag on a table with food

Stephanie Goto thinks about champagne and ice cream in similar ways to how she does design: spatially, materially, and aomakase. Starting July 20 and running through August 10, the seven-course pairing menu—celebrating the release of Dom Pérignon’s by reservation only at Morgenstern’s Sundae Bar, part of its flagship location in New York’s Greenwich Village. (Those wanting to try a sintamago, soy sauce, and dashi, and then she designed an edible experience that playfully reimagines and transforms these ingredtoro burger with a side of soy sauce ice cream and ginger “fries,” paired with a glass of the Rosé Vintage 2006; and a sundadorayaki, paired with the Plénitude 2 Vintage 2003. Here, we speak with Goto about how the exquisitely executed project came to When and how did your relationship with Dom Pérignon begin?

Menu items from Stephanie Goto's ice cream and champagne Omakase

After working at various five-star restaurants in Europe throughout the 1970s (and for two years, as a private chef in WDaniel Boulud at long last moved to New York City in 1982. About a decade later, in May 1993, he went on to establish his eponymous M

Daniel Boulud and other chefs serve food to first responders after the attacks in September 2001